Photoshop can’t animate!

I hate to break it to you and I hope this doesn’t come as a shocker but.. Photoshop CAN NOT animate!

Friends are telling me I am crazy for trying to turn Photoshop into After Effects when I show them my Photoshop-panel The Animator’s Toolbar, but they are missing the point.

What might be mistaken for animation tools are just tools for displaying different states of your design or illustrations inside Photoshop. If you are looking for After Effects type layer animation you’re better off investing your time in learning After Effects. I did reluctantly explore keyframe animation in Photoshop to come to the final conclusion; The last thing you want to do is let Photoshop handle the animation for you!

Patent drawing for Fleischer’s original rotoscope.

Photoshop can be your animation disk, pencil and paper, rotoscope-tool, your rostrum camera or Winsor McCay rolodex for that matter but Photoshop can’t animate sh*t!

YOU have to animate! Which means we’ll get to see YOU in every frame of your animation…
That’s the beauty of it!

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