Animator’s Toolbar update 1.1.1

As you know I’ve started working on the Animator’s Toolbar a few weeks ago. Little did I know that Adobe was going to deprecate the flash-based plug-ins and panels in the new version of Photoshop (2014). I was a bit bummed but quickly realised that most of my efforts are still valid. I only have to find a new solution for the interface/panel/UI of the Animator’s Toolbar.

I’m committed to move forward with this project. Stéphan Baril, a strong believer in the potential of the Photoshop Timeline, already offered to help me with some of the HTML5 involved. To be continued…

But before I start working on The Animator’s Toolbar 2014 I have some news for you.
Today I’ve uploaded the 1.1.1 update for The Animator’s Toolbar CC.

I fixed a few small but annoying issues with double alerts when clicking the buttons on the toolbar without an open document or Timeline.

The most interesting update is the addition of the “New” button. This brings up a little dialog panel with everything you need. Document name, size dropdown, manual size values AND,
{insert drumroll here} Framerate!
when you click ok a Timeline is generated with the framerate you entered in the panel, the canvas is adjusted to the right size and (if you chose to generate a VideoLayer) a fresh empty Video- or ArtLayer waiting for your next animation masterpiece.

There is a “New Document” option in the generate section (selected by default). If you turn it of, the panel will act as a the new setting for your current project. If you don’t have any project open it will generate one anyway. I really hope you like the new feature.

Any issues or idea’s let me know in the comments. I would like to know if and how the Animator’s Toolbar 1.1.1. is working out for you.

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  1. I import the .mov into Photoshop in animation set up & make all frames to be gif’d have no delay. Then resize & save for web in my settings

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