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Animation Experiment – Puppet Warp

Once you’ve accepted keyframe interpolation gives you nothing but trouble you can surrender yourself to frame by frame animation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to (re-)draw every frame of your animation. Photoshop is packed with tools to manipulate and distort your creations. These tools can be utilised to great extend when used on a frame by frame basis.


trackpad painting

Based on my experience with the puppet-tool in After Effects, I decided the puppet-warp would be a good candidate to experiment with. While drinking my morning coffee; I “finger-painted” a crude flour-sack on my lap-top’s trackpad as the subject for my proof of concept.

Proof of concept - Puppet warp animation

Proof of concept – Puppet warp animation

I think the result of this experiment came out pretty convincing, I just might turn this experiment into a tutorial…

Leave a comment if you like to know more about this method.

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